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Incorporated Trustees are basically non governmental, non profit making organisations which is basically established to serve some public interest. i.e. church, club, association, mosque etc.

Registration Requirements:

  1. The first step required by the applicant is to choose two suitable proposed names for the company.
  2. The applicant will be required to furnish details of the trustees of the organization. Details such as names, occupation, residential address, email address, mobile phone number and means of identification such as driver’s license, international passport or national identity card.
  3. Two passport photograph of each of the proprietors will be required.
  4. Minutes of the meeting where the special clause rules was adopted into the constitution of the organization; signed by Secretary and Chairman
  5. Constitution of the organization
  6. Publication of notices in two(2) national dailies, one being a local newspaper widely circulated in the area where the organization is based.

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